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Little Fighter 2 v.1.9

Little Fighter is a very famous fighting game for pc. You have about ten playable character and each character have special attributes.

You have weapons, spells, special blows and combos in versus mode or in impressive battle. Four players can fight on the same computeur. A Great Game !

Download Little Fighter 2
List of Combos

Wizard Duel 2

Wizard Duel is a game as his name indicates it where two wizards fight
You can play against the computeur or against a friend by using a network .

You can use only four spells like fire balls. Fortunately, the graphics in 3D are breathtaking for a free game.

Download Wizard Duel 2

Lemming Ball Z

Lemming Ball Z is a fighting game with Lemmings on Dragon Ball Z style. Lemming Ball Z is a single and multiplayer game which can be played both offline and online against a bot or a friend. Try it, it's really a good game.

Download Lemming Ball Z Version 2D ( : Stable )
Download Lemming Ball Z Version 3D


Rumble Box

Rumble Box is a fast paced 3D action beat-em-up with a unique premise: all of the characters are made of simple objects which stay around in the level even after the character is defeated. The objects pile up, changing the gameplay landscape and altering your combat tactics. The game takes place inside a giant box, and the ultimate goal of the game is to pile up enough defeated enemies to get out of the box.

Download Rumble Box


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