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Field of Strategy

Field of Strategy enables you to revive the Napoleon's great battles to the head of one of the armies. Even if the graphics are simplified to the maximum, the strategic aspect is proposed and the game becomes gripping. The game is realistic as much from the historical point of view that from the tactical point of view.

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Freeciv looks like civilization but Freeciv is totally open source. Freeciv is a turn by turn strategy game. This game was made to be to play in network but you can also play against the computer.

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DBA Online

DBA Online is a worldwide wargaming project, including a computerized version of famous De Bellis Antiquitatis miniature ruleset and the DBA Online Club, an international online community. You can fight ancient and medieval battles with hundreds of live opponents all over the world. You can also participate in Tournaments and Campaigns.

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Castle-combat 0.7.2

Castle combat is a two players strategy game. You have to build a castle with geometrical forms, the same ones as in tetris to place canons on your castle and to shot the enemy castle.

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